TeslinCS Fund & Family, Charity, Depositary

TeslinCS is a medium sized trust office set up in 1991 and serves international groups with a Dutch holding or financing company that need the ‘substance’ to qualify for the Dutch tax regime. TeslinCS can represent your company in the role of managing director, providing an address and insures that all legal, fiscal and other requirements by the Inland Revenue are properly met. TeslinCS can also take care of all your financial, accounting and reporting needs.

TeslinCS does not only offer services to international groups; it also provides services to charitable foundations and to wealthy families.

TeslinCS’s premises are amid beautiful grounds overlooking a 27-hole golf course. Clients using our meeting facilities can enjoy these surroundings. You may expect also a large degree of flexibility regarding our services.

We are happy to accommodate our clients and take care of solutions tailored to their needs.