John Redfern, Master Horologist and 3D Animator, 1939–2019

John Redfern was more than simply a superb 3D animator; he was an expert horologist and so understood clocks and watches and literally what made them tick. And what made them special. Ever the perfectionist, he rebuilt the individual parts of famous old clocks as highly accurate computer models so that he could animate them precisely and show us how they worked.

“In this ANIMATING TIME animation, John Redfern explains how animation is the ‘art of the impossible’ and the world of a pocket chronometer is revealed. Now we take such images for granted, but it’s worth remembering the innovative genius of John Redfern who opened this world to us all almost thirty years ago.” ~ Tania Edwards, Collectability

Legacy of John Redfern, 1939-2019

“I would particularly like to thank Martin Conradi and Jan Battem for creating this website, and Philip Whyte of Charles Frodsham & Co. for hosting it. Without Martin’s tireless energy and enthusiasm John’s legacy would have faded and much would have been lost; Jan put everything together beautifully, staying true to John’s design ideas; and Philip has been a good friend, adviser and a horological rock throughout.” ~ Maxine Redfern