Centre for Immersive Wave Experimentation

The Centre for Immersive Wave Experimentation comprises the MATRIX and WaveLab projects. These projects aim to establish a fundamentally new approach to seismic wave experimentation that involves fully immersing a physical seismic experiment within a virtual numerical environment, literally connecting the disciplines of laboratory wave experimentation and numerical modelling.

Immersive experimentation thus is a new paradigm for wave-​​based laboratory experimentation aimed at overcoming laboratory-​​ and sample-​​size related limitations that plague conventional wave propagation experimentation. Using so-​called immersive boundary conditions a physical experimentation domain or elastic rock volume can be immersed in an arbitrary larger numerical domain in such a way that the waves in the physical domain drive the simulation in the numerical domain and vice-​​versa.

The MATRIX project comprises multiple laboratories for the investigation of elastic waves, while the WaveLab is dedicated to the study of acoustic wave phenomena. The Centre for Immersive Wave Experimentation is situated in the emerging Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich in Dübendorf, Zürich.