The Impact Gardener – a sustainable force in change

Il faut cultiver nos jardín
(We must cultivate our garden)

In his 17th century book Candide, the French philosopher Voltaire encourages his readers to do whatever lies within their reach to change and improve the world. With a metaphor he urges people to start close by: one’s own garden. Let’s fast forward to now: our world needs to improve more than ever. And luckily, there are many social entrepreneurs that have dedicated themselves to making change happen. Unfortunately, a great deal of social enterprises disappear after a promising start or successful first phase. This is where The Impact Gardener comes in. We want to help social entrepreneurs make it to the next phase, so they can grow and become a sustainable force in change.

Our work is about ‘cultivating our own garden’: in this process, we make a clear distinction between the social and the enterprise aspects. Both are equally important to the success of an organisation. Have a look at these two areas and discover how The Impact Gardener helps to realize the company’s full potential, in order to create the social impact the organisation was set out to make in the first place.